A retired FBI agent who advises and writes for American TV programmes including Criminal Minds is to speak in Christchurch next month.

Jim Clemente, a globally recognised expert in sex crimes, child sexual victimisation and child abduction/homicide, is one of about 30 speakers from New Zealand and around the world who will talk at a conference organised by the Christchurch-based Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa.

The conference, which will run from November 5-10, will be the third gathering of the South-South Institute - an international partnership involving the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa and the Refugee Law Project, Men of Peace and Men of Hope organisations in Uganda; and the First Step organisation in Cambodia.

Trust Manager Ken Clearwater, who is a survivor of sexual abuse, says it is estimated that 1-in-6 men have been sexually abused during their childhood.


Since being established in 1991, the trust has helped more than 2000 people address their abusive backgrounds and has become part of a global network.

Clearwater said hosting the conference is a major milestone for the trust.

"When it started, it was a support group in the strictest sense. Today, the trust is a support service, which is developing national standards, policies and guidelines consistent with international best practice," he said.

Among issues that will be discussed at the conference in Christchurch are medical and psychosocial support for male survivors of sexual violence and exploitation.