Norovirus has been confirmed as the bug that has affected a number of patients and staff at Hawke's Bay Hospital during the week.

On Monday this week, strict infection controls were put in place at the hospital when seven patients and 30 hospital staff were thought to have the highly contagious vomiting and diarrhoea bug.

Chief Medical and Dental Officer John Gommans said the outbreak appeared to be under control, however one ward continued to have restricted visiting in place. This would remain in place throughout Labour weekend.

Dr Gommans said Norovirus was extremely contagious, and very difficult to contain so hospital staff would remain vigilant with strict hygiene measures in place.

"We know Norovirus is circulating out in the community so again we remind people about the importance of hand washing and not to visit friends or family in hospital if you have had a tummy bug for 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared.

"Staff at the hospital had worked extremely hard to contain the outbreak, and we are now confident we are now over the worst," he said.