Footage has emerged online of a wannabe lawyer criticising police and defending the rights of children to sniff glue.

The video, shot in Auckland, shows police stopping a group of youths. The man approaches the officers, cellphone in hand, telling them to back off.

"You know you're not allowed to talk to children without their parents? Get lost, you can't stop me," he says, sounding upset.

"Here we go. Cop, harassing kids. On the street," he says while filming.


The police officers attempt to calm the man down, without much success.

"I don't need to listen to you c**tstable. No, c**tstable!" he responds.

After the officers show him the glue they had just confiscated from the children, the man jumps into an attack about how they cannot take away the kids' right to sniff it.

"That's legal in this country! It's legal in this country! It's legal in this country a**ehole," he says.

"That's glue. That's a legal product in this country. Abuse of solvents and glue is legal in this country!"

While the man is correct in saying that glue is not an illegal product in New Zealand, police officers do bring up the valid point that they can intervene under Section 48 of the CYFS Act.

"They're huffing glue, mate. Under Section 48 of the CYFS Act we're just making sure they're alright," one of the officers says.

Section 48 says that police have the right to intervene in a situation where a child's physical or mental health is likely to be impaired.


The officers remained calm while the man continued shouting at them and refusing to accept their explanation.

The video has been shared on Reddit.