A Whanganui grandmother was caught stealing 24 items of children's clothing from the Warehouse.

On Tuesday Julie Cuff pleaded guilty to shoplifting when she appeared in the Whanganui District Court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Stephen Butler said at about 4pm on September 21 CCTV footage showed Cuff concealing 24 items of clothing into her handbag and attempting to leave the store without paying.

"The total value of the items was $308 ... all items were returned and there was no damage to the clothing."


Defence lawyer Debbie Goodlet said there were serious family issues and Cuff had been under a lot of stress.

"It was children's clothing that was stolen, Sir, and they were for her grandchildren," Ms Goodlet told the judge.

Judge Philip Crayton said he was aware of Cuff's circumstances and there was no doubt it was causing financial and emotional stress.

"But you have a responsibility now to set a good example for your grandchildren," Judge
Crayton said.

Cuff was ordered to come up if called upon within 12 months.

"If you don't make any more mistakes, we won't hear any more of it but if there are further offences you will be sentenced."