Police are making enquiries into a fight outside Havelock North Intermediate on Wednesday afternoon.

​Parents of a group of students, who were making their way to a school bus at the time of the altercation, were notified that the incident had occurred and offered support for those children who may have been upset by it.

Havelock North Intermediate principal Julia Beaumont said it had happened on school grounds, out of school hours, and involved a student and another person known to them.

"There were a few kids around so we sent out an email to a group of kids who were catching a bus at the time, who we thought might have seen it. It was to their parents to say something had happened because we thought it was the responsible thing to do,


She said police were alerted on Wednesday and she expected the school would speak to them on Thursday afternoon. ​

"Because it happened after school, it was very hard to investigate straight away because all the kids disappeared on the bus so we've been following it up today."

A police spokesperson said the incident had been reported ​as a minor assault involving two people known to each other.

No injuries were reported and enquiries were ongoing, they said.