The Crown Superette in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill has been robbed again, six months after the dairy's owner was savagely beaten and left fighting for his life in hospital.

The incident happened at around 8.40pm tonight at the dairy on Melrose Rd in Hillsborough, a police spokeswoman said.

"We got a call from the dairy's owner. At least four men entered the premises armed with weapons and took two tills and cigarettes," she said.

It had been reported the weapons were a knife and a gun but that had not been confirmed, she said.


Noone had been hurt in the robbery. Police were speaking with witnesses.

When the shop was robbed in March owners Jitesh and Preeti Arora were not so lucky.

Four men and two women barged into the store just after it opened on March 12, armed with a baseball bat and crowbar.

They began attacking Jitesh, who managed to deflect the worst blows from his wife. He was severely injured and spent weeks in North Shore Hospital, taking a financial blow as they were unable to reopen the store.

A GiveaLittle page for the pair raised more than $27,000.

The high-profile incident was one of a string of dairy robberies this year which led to the creation of a new police taskforce which would focus on violent robberies. Police also started offering rewards for information about stolen goods.