As North Korea conducts yet another missile test, New Zealanders are being warned about travelling to the region.

A ballistic missile launched from Pyongyang this morning (NZ time) flew over Japan before landing 2000km off the northern island of Hokkaido, according to the South Korean military.

Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee condemned the missile launch, saying it came hot on the heels of threatening rhetoric by North Korea towards the United States and Japan.

"Today's provocative launch deliberately raises tensions," Brownlee said.


"New Zealand joins the international community in once again condemning this inexplicable course of action."

Brownlee said New Zealand stood in solidarity with Japan in the face of the North Korean provocation.

He also said it was a time for "cool heads" and any response to North Korea's actions had to be "very carefully considered".

"We continue to have dialogue with partner countries and will continue to support diplomatic efforts to bring about a resolution."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has updated its travel advisory for Japan and South Korea in light of the ongoing tensions in the region.

MFAT last week warned that further missile test and provocations were possible.

"Tensions on the Korean Peninsula could escalate with little warning and New Zealanders in Japan are advised to monitor the media to stay informed of any developments and follow any alerts and instructions issued by the local authorities."

The latest missile launch followed previous launches by North Korea on August 26 and 29, and its most powerful nuclear test yet on September 3.


The nuclear test led to a new round of sanctions from the United Nations, which banned textile exports from North Korea and set a cap on how much oil the country could import.