Thai woman Jindarat Prutsiriporn was held hostage for 22 hours in March 2016. She died several days after flinging herself from the boot of a moving vehicle while her kidnappers transported her across Auckland. The man who orchestrated the mother of three's kidnapping using the Head Hunters' hit squad is now appealing his convictions. Sam Hurley delved into the case in 2017.

A woman dies in hospital two days after falling from the boot of a speeding car among Auckland's evening traffic. She was trying to escape after being snatched 22 hours earlier. But what happened during those hours, and


Cambo Jack and Nui: Who are Seng Lek Liev and Jindarat Prutsiriporn?

Taken: The kidnapping

Prisoner: 22 hours a hostage

Inflicted fear: Prutsiriporn's escape

Operation Sisal: 'Termination Day'

The defendants: Liev, the ghost unit and others