He impersonates her as a panini-eating cafe lover, and now Paula Bennett has responded to the very comedian whose impersonations of her are going viral.

Comedian Thomas Sainsbury uses Snapchat's face-swap feature to impersonate the deputy Prime Minister as she makes her way around New Zealand on the campaign trail.

He has already made a name for himself for impersonations of politicians and characters, but his impersonation of Bennett is the most popular.

So what does Bennett have to say about the videos?


"I'm tempted to look down the barrel and go, you know, 'hi sweeties I'm Paula Bennett,'" she joked.

"My family and my staff they think they are hilarious. I am not kidding.

"And there's not a day now that goes by that I don't have someone shouting out at me about a panini or a bowl latte across the road."

However, Bennett told the Herald that Sainsbury was off the money on just one point of his skit - she doesn't like paninis or bowl lattes.

"I've got no idea where paninis or bowl lattes came from.

"So I used to watch the odd one and now I watch them every day only because I honestly get people asking me about them on a daily basis, so I think they're funny."

Paula Bennett admitted she's a fan of political satirist Tom Sainsbury. Photo / Getty Images
Paula Bennett admitted she's a fan of political satirist Tom Sainsbury. Photo / Getty Images

Could the pair come face to face in the name of comedy and goodwill?

"I think him and I need to get together. I think it's time. I think there's gotta be something in there, Tom: I think that it's time that we sat down together if you're gonna do me daily."

Come on Sainsbury, make it happen!

Who doesn't love a chicken panini and bowl latte? Tom Sainsbury - Comedian and Snapchat Dude is making us laugh with his viral political parody videos - his Paula Bennett shares her favourite spots for a DELISH panini, bowl latte combo

Posted by Viva - The New Zealand Herald on Tuesday, 12 September 2017