By Samuel White

A South Otago woman has captured on video the start of a lengthy police pursuit from Balclutha to Clinton yesterday.

Andi Smyth posted a nine-minute video to Facebook which shows a police car attempting to pull over a white station wagon near Balclutha.

The vehicle fails to pull over and continues to evade police for almost nine minutes.


Smyth provides commentary throughout the video in which she describes as a "slow-speed car chase".

Two other police vehicles join the pursuit, before the vehicle being chased pulls out and collides with one of the police vehicles.

Upon seeing the collision, Smyth exclaimed "you're kidding me".

The police cars attempted to box the vehicle in, but it still evaded capture.

Smyth decided to pull over at the end and wait as police continued the pursuit.

She ended the video at Moa Hill Rd, between Balclutha and Clinton.

A police spokesperson said police were alerted at 2pm about a car being driven in a concerning manner.

The vehicle failed to stop for police and was pursued from Balclutha to Old Coach Rd where the car was spiked.

The pursuit ended about 3pm.

The driver was taken into custody.