A lucky Kiwi has woken $30.2 million richer this morning after winning Lotto Powerball.

The numbers from last night's draw are 37, 3, 24, 20, 9, 15 with the bonus ball being 16 and the Powerball 1.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Richmond Superette in Taupo.

Taupo mayor David Trewavas was excited to hear the winning ticket had been sold in the area.


"That's where I bought mine," he joked.

Trewavas hadn't checked his ticket yet because he had been busy watching the rugby but promised to get back in touch if it turned out he was the lucky winner.

Either way, the mayor said he was very happy for the "hard working" superette owners.

"What a wonderful event for the owners, I think it's fantastic.

"They're a lovely couple."

"Wowee, we've been a bit starved here for a few years," he said.

"That's fantastic news isn't it, crikey dick."

The total prize of $30.25 million is made up of $30 million from Powerball First Division and $250,000 from Lotto First Division.

Three other Lotto players from Whangarei, Auckland, and Christchurch also won $250,000 with Lotto First Division.

The Taupo win is the fourth biggest win in Lotto Powerball history. In 2016, one punter won $44m, in 2009 a Wairarapa family syndicate won $36m, while in 2013, a player won $33m.

It is also the fourth big win in as many months.

On July 22, a woman who bought her ticket at Botany New World became $8 million richer when she struck Powerball.

She told the Herald she hid the ticket inside a Monty Python DVD case and slept with it under her pillow before cashing it in first thing the next morning.

The regular Lotto player, who asked to remain anonymous, planned to go to bed early but saw the ticket sitting on her bedside table and checked it on her Lotto NZ app before turning in and discovered she was a major winner.

Two weeks earlier Tauranga man Lou Te Keeti took home $10.3 million after winning Lotto Powerball.

He told NZME he'd been inundated with Facebook messages from well-wishers since becoming a muli-millionarie.

In yesterday's Weekend Herald he revealed he would be buying a ticket for the $30m draw.

He has donated $300,000 to three local charities since his life-changing win and is now turning his focus to planning ahead.

And in mid-May a Thames couple took home a whopping $27 million - New Zealand's fourth largest Lotto prize.

In an interview in the week after their big win the wife told the Herald she "couldn't breathe" when she realised.

"I kept trying to speak, but nothing would come out."

The couple said they still had trouble believing their luck and were slowly getting used to their incredible windfall.