Customers getting their morning coffees saw a bit of drama unfold in the Rotorua CBD this morning.

A Meadowfresh worker was delivering milk to Capers on Eruera St just after 7am when a gold Subaru parked behind him in the driveway.

Front-of-house manager Liz Todd said she then saw the car travel along the footpath toward Amohau St.

It then returned along Eruera St before doing a U-turn and travelling back past Capers on the wrong side of the road.


"It was just frightening."

She believed there were two men in the car, wearing hoodies.

A police media spokeswoman said officers had the registration for the car and had visited the owner's home but they weren't there.

"We will have a chat with them and make sure they don't do it again.

"It looks like an accident."

She said early reports indicated the driver had "driven on the footpath for a bit".