By Julia Evans and Andrew King

Three high school students were taken to Christchurch Hospital after receiving electric shocks.

Hilmorton High School staff called an ambulance after the trio showed up at the sick bay reporting their injuries.

Principal Ann Brokenshire said although the boys were able to walk, the school is not "mucking around" considering the nature of the incident.


St John sent an ambulance to the school, on Tankerville Rd, at about 12.14pm on Tuesday.

Brokenshire said it was unknown what caused the electric shocks.

"I've sent a deputy principal over to the hospital with the boys and their caregivers are meeting them there," she said.

It's believed the pupils were working in a technology class.

The classroom has since been shut down and won't be re-opened until WorkSafe deem it safe.

"Our main concern is, of course, the health and wellbeing of the students," Brokenshire said.

The classroom has since been shut down and Worksafe is investigating, it is not yet known how the incident happened.

Brokenshire said she was waiting for a call to hear the current condition of the boys.