If you've ever wondered what happens to guns seized as exhibits of crime or surrendered to police, look no further.

Counties Manukau Police have posted a video to their Facebook page showing Sergeant Chris McDowell explaining the process.

The firearms, which have either been seized from criminals or surrendered from deceased estates, are collected and taken to a scrap car crushing yard.

There the weapons, some still in their cases, are loaded into a car and on to a large conveyor belt to be crushed.


The guns of all shapes and sizes are destroyed by the car crushing yard and come out on to a heap as small bits of scrap metal.

"We load 'em all up and put them on the big conveyor belt and [they] get destroyed."

McDowell said anyone who wants to report a gun or discard of one should call police.

"If you do know someone that does have firearms that they're not supposed to have or you want to surrender them yourself, you're more than welcome to give us a call.

"We'll come pick 'em up, or you can bring them into your local police station."

McDowell said when handing over a gun to the police make sure they are wrapped up discreetly to avoid causing alarm at a police station.

"Do whatever you need to just so we can handle them safely. Just make sure they're unloaded and everyone is safe to handle that weapon."