This is the compelling story of Oshyn, who became pregnant aged 16, her son Devante and their life together.

It's part of Conversations with Teen Mums, a web-based interactive documentary about millennial and generation Z mums.

It depicts the lives of girls catapulted into motherhood while still young themselves.

Funded by NZ On Air with additional support from the NZ Film Commission, Conversations was made in Auckland over a period of four years.


'I wanted to see a different view of the world'

Featuring a combination of photographic portraits, personal quotes, written interviews and films, the Conversations website offers audiences a window into the minds of young mums who are coming of age as their children grow.

The website captures its subjects' experiences in their own words, providing a voice to a group of NZ women whose stories often go unheard.

Their stories challenge the stereotypes of teen mums by deepening the audience's understanding of their daily realities - hopes, dreams, love, relationships, struggles, expectations, cultural influences, the importance of family, and the juggle of life, work and motherhood.

Through the young mums' lives, the project also explores wider issues of poverty, access to education, transience, the housing crisis, financial struggles, mental health, inequality and domestic violence.

At the same time, the stories reflect parenting experiences relatable to any mother, no matter how young or old she was when she had her first child.

Conversations has been created by acclaimed documentary maker Juliette Veber, one of a new generation of NZ female filmmakers crossing over from cinema into the digital medium.

Pregnant with her second child at the time she commenced research, Veber has juggled the commitments of raising her own young children while filming, photographing and interviewing the young mums.


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