Coromandel residents are being asked to identify a thief after an elderly man was robbed outside a dairy in Thames.

Facebook group Safer Coromandel posted a video on Wednesday evening showing an elderly man walking to his car with the aid of a medical walker.

CCTV footage from the nearby Totara Superette shows the elderly man maneuvering around the open boot of his car, as a younger man stops in the street and appears to begin helping the elderly man with his walker.

But the young man then reaches inside the vehicle, grabs what appears to be the older man's cigarettes, and runs away.


The Safer Coromandel Facebook post reads, "Plan B4 U Party, drive to the conditions, get consent, mates before crates - these all make a 'Safer Coromandel'."

"So does getting this man off our streets. If you can identify who this is, stealing from an elderly gentleman outside the Totara Superette in Thames today around 2pm, please contact Police on 07 867 9600 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Please share. Thankyou."

The post has gained more than 9000 views, has been shared 235 times and has received almost 80 comments.

One commenter wrote, "That is disgusting! What an absolute pig! That is so sad on so many levels. I hope that lowlife scumbag gets caught and I also hope this elderly man somehow gets some kind of carer or support."

Another concerned viewer said, "Its sad to see that people can lower themselves to do that to the gentleman who can't run after them an snap all his finger so he knows to not do that sought of things."

A Thames Police spokesperson said police were still investigating and more details would be provided later.