Green MPs Kennedy Graham and David Clendon have withdrawn from the party's caucus but will remain as Green MPs.

David Clendon and Kennedy Graham have quit the Green Party caucus after a move to expel them following an ultimatum over Metiria Turei's leadership.

The two men will stay on as MPs until the election, but will not take part in any caucus events or campaigning.

Co-leader James Shaw said the decision was supported by all 12 of the other MPs.


"The remainder of the Green Party caucus is 100 per cent behind our co-leader Metiria," Shaw said.

Shaw had said last night he would move to suspend the two MPs from caucus and speak to the executive about expelling them from the Green Party altogether - but that seems to have changed after a long meeting of caucus this morning.

Turei says she has committed to staying on until the election, even if the party falls close to the 5 per cent party vote threshold.

"There will be many people who disagree with what I did but who want me to stay on as co-leader," she said.