The Tirohanga Beach Store in Opotiki has gone viral after letting a toddler ride her pony through the story to pick up delicious treats.

Paris Smith, 3, was filmed riding into the store where she bought Penguin lollies before making her way home.

New store owner Ray Williams told the Herald he and his wife Ema wanted to keep the shop's long-running tradition going.

"It's a tradition for the store from two owners ago. They were telling my wife of things they used to do when they used to run the store.


"They used to allow people to ride their bikes into the store, their husband used to do it as well.

"We're fairly remote down here so we are looking for any kind of entertainment."

Reviving a tradition of the Tirohanga Beach Store... For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Tirohanga Beach Store on Friday, 28 July 2017

Ema Williams said that when her husband let the toddler and pony in the store, he knew nothing about the previous owners' policy until she told him.

The footage of the toddler's pony ride has attracted more than 59,000 views.

Ray said the reaction has been positive.

"It's all been very cool. The reaction has been great. Everyone is laughing along with it.

"I'm just happy a feel good story like this has had a positive impact on the community."