Footage of a Dunedin man apparently being forced to fit wheels on the vehicle he allegedly stole them from has gone viral.

The video shows a man fitting the wheels to a white Toyota Hilux while admitting to an enraged man filming the scene that he stole them.

The owner of the truck allegedly overheard someone pinching the wheels outside his Dunedin home.

"Did you f**k my running boards in from jacking it up?" a man can be heard asking in the video.


Sheepishly, a man in the video says "Yes".

"Did you just drop it on the brakes?" the videographer continues, to which the man said he didn't.

"It was not dropped, it was let down."

The filmer went on to call the man a "f**king muppet" and an "oxygen thief".

The footage was also shared to the 4x4 Dunedin-Otago Facebook page, where commenters also abused the alleged thief.

"Should have dropped the ute on his fingers wouldn't steal again," one post read.

Another said they would have made him pay for "every bit of damage he done" and more.

The owner claimed he found the person in 30 minutes "using his local networks".


The Herald is awaiting comment from the man who posted the video.

A police spokeswoman told the Otago Daily Times that a 19-year-old Dunedin man was arrested on Thursday.

He was charged with theft-ex car and remanded without plea.

He is due to appear in court on August 22.