New Labour leader Jacinda Ardern put in an assured performance in her first press conference today. Here are some of her best one-liners:

• "I'm youth-adjacent. Not quite young myself, but youth-adjacent. We will be talking directly to a new generation of voters. But it won't just be about their own personal circumstances."

• Asked if she had the personal attributes to lead a government that includes the Green Party and New Zealand First: "I used to be the president of an international youth organisation that had members from Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. I think I can do this."

• "I don't think I have been described as a new lick of paint before."


• On not having had a chance to talk to her family today: "Mum and Dad are going to get a surprise in Niue."

• On whether she will stay on as leader if Labour doesn't win the election: "There is no Plan B."

• On what her message to Bill English would be: "Don't be complacent."

• Asked what her message to Winston Peters would be: "I like single malts."

• "There will be nothing blancmange about this campaign."

• "I came into Parliament at 28 years of age. In lots of ways I have had to learn and grow on the job, and I think I have demonstrated that I am competent, confident and present a real difference for New Zealanders."

• "Everyone knows that I have just accepted - with short notice - the worst job in politics. But I also welcome this job. It is an enormous privilege to be the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party. There is no doubt being in Opposition is hard. That's why I'm using the next eight weeks to get our team out of it."

• After Labour MP Stuart Nash was asked about saying yesterday the party would be doomed if Andrew Little was ditched as leader: "Stuart already has acknowledged to me that he was wrong."

• "You will see my personal stamp on this campaign. Relentless positivity will be among it."

• "I want to be very clear. This is a Labour campaign. We will be focused on Labour's ideas and policies. I do not want to be drawn into conversations about other parties' plans or policies."