Wilson Parking has fined a man twice in the past few months, for parking in a free car park that the company does not own.

The company has admitted issuing the tickets on Karo Drive, in Wellington.

Shane Leach told Fairfax that he received his first Wilson Parking ticket in February, after parking his motorhome in the free parking space. The ticket was for $114.

He called the company and it agreed to waive the ticket.


In April, he received another parking ticket, for parking in the same spot. Once again, he rang Wilson Parking to dispute it and was told he'd have to pay or the fine would go on for debt collection.

The second notice was also eventually waived but not without some headaches for the motorhome owner.

The free parking spaces are located in Te Aro, directly across the road from a Wilson Parking car park. However, they are on a public road and have no markings on them.

The incident is a cautionary tale for New Zealand drivers, who should always check the markings and signage near every parking space.