The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter has had a busy couple of days.

First call was in the early hours to the Central Plateau, to transport a woman with a medical condition to Rotorua Hospital.

Flight conditions though clear, were relatively bumpy at times, with winds around the mountain at flight altitudes registering in excess of 200km/h overnight.

Next up was another call in the area this time to National Park village where a man involved in a car crash was transported to Rotorua Hospital with leg injuries.


Following another stand down just after midday, just after dark the helicopter was dispatched again to the Central Plateau, this time a man had slipped on ice and suffered spinal injuries. He was transported to Rotorua Hospital.

Today the helicopter was dispatched to Mangaotaki for a young man who had fallen from his trail bike.

He was flown to Waikato Hospital.