Napier is at risk of losing its unique Marine Parade viewing platform window to the waves because of repeated vandalism which has seen the glass smashed for the fourth time since it opened just 18 months ago.

The central panel of the extra-strength glass at the seaward end of the platform has been shattered, and Mayor Bill Dalton said, while it will be replaced, he doubts whether his council would agree to stand the cost of any further damage.

If there's any further vandalism he expects it will be replaced by bars or some other barrier.

The 67-metre platform extending over Pacific Beach near the Marine Parade gardens and the Pania of the Reef statue was opened in December 2015, but the first window, stretching across the full width of the platform designed by Napier architect Graham Weaver, lasted less than three months.


It was replaced at a cost understood to have been more than $5000, but to minimise the cost of the repeated vandalism, the glass facing was later replaced in three panels, a single smaller panel being about $1300, said council CEO Wayne Jack.

The replacement panel has to be especially made for the purpose, and a barrier has been erected with a sign warning the viewing end of the platform is closed until further notice.

Mr Dalton said the vandalism was "soul destroying" for council staff trying to complete amenities on the parade safe and up to standard for visitors and Hawke's Bay's own people.

He said vandalism costs the ratepayers "huge amounts of money," with others area of the parade having been hit drastically in the past.

The nearby Veronica Sunbay had had windows to help create a windbreak so that people could sit around the area in comfort, but repeated vandalism meant there are "no windows anymore - they took them out."

People owe it to themselves and the city to report anti-social behaviour, but the maximum penalties of three months' prison and/or a fine of $2000 for wilful damage are "remarkably weak," and then rarely imposed, he said

"But we've got to catch them first," he said.

It was unclear last night if police had any particular suspects.