Just two weeks after two Christchurch men were convicted of rape, a webpage has been set up asking the public to help appeal the convictions.

Brooke Rolleston and Brandon Roche, 20, were found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl at a party early last year. They will be sentenced in August.

The "Justice for Brooke and Brandon" website says the families of the 20-year-olds think the pair are innocent and have opened a bank account - the number is on the site - asking for donations.

Rolleston is described as a role model, with dreams of travelling to Israel to be baptised in the Jordan River.


Roche has aspirations to start his own company.

Massey University Law Professor Chris Gallivan says although the friends and family who set up the site did not name the victim they risk re-victimising her. He says they are putting out worrying messages: one line suggests anyone who's had sex with a drunk woman could be in trouble.

Gallivan says his immediate reaction to that is "of course": people need to have full consent when they're having sex, and if the person they're having sex with is heavily intoxicated then you should be worried.