A breakfast radio team has been left shocked and in tears after an interview with Tom Cruise turned out to be an in-house hoax this morning.

Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick had set up an interview with the film star after Barnett professed his crush on his childhood hero earlier in the week.

TOM CRUISE IS ON MORE FM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Si's childhood dream has come true! 😍

Posted by Si & Gary on Thursday, 15 June 2017

But at the end of the broadcast "interview", hosts from another MediaWorks station, Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell, came on air to reveal the "Tom Cruise" on the phone was not the film star but an American impersonator.

"You just interviewed a fake Tom Cruise!" Jay-Jay said laughing, before quickly hanging up, along with the impersonator.


It was met with silence from the stunned hosts, and tears from the show's producer Sam Baxter, who could be heard crying on air.

"Oh my goodness, are you kidding me?" Barnett said. "That's so uncool."

"That is truly disappointing. People think that's actually funny, that's not funny. That is probably one of the more disappointing, shameful things.

"Let's apologise on behalf of The Edge for their poor taste. I hope The Edge is going to make an apology as well."

Fellow host Gary McCormick added: "Pretty low rent, guys."

MediaWorks has been contacted for comment about whether there will be disciplinary action.

Barnett had campaigned for two weeks to interview Cruise, and said he was so nervous about finally meeting his childhood hero he couldn't sleep last night.

He said the show was inundated with text messages of support, and Facebook and Twitter users have since expressed their disappointment about the fake interview.

The last seven tweets on Si & Gary's Twitter page were promoting the interview.