Ruapehu's mayoress Phyl Cameron has decided the shows must go on at the Royal Theatre in Raetihi for local group the Phoenix players.

In November last year, she and her husband Don were beaten by three people in Raetihi.

Phyl and Ruapehu mayor husband Don were attacked outside the Royal Theatre in after attending the final dress rehearsal of a pantomime Phyl had written and was directing.

The incident has carried anguish and mental scars for her and she was loath to return to Raetihi and her work for the theatre.


The Camerons, who live in Horopito, were both seriously injured. Mr Cameron was knocked unconscious and had 16 stitches in his ear, while Phyl suffered a black eye and a lump on her forehead that she could "feel for days".

When the attackers ran off Phyl had gone went into the middle of the road, flagged down a truck driver and got him to phone 111.

Over the past month she found herself starting to write a christmas pantomime which she has done for many years.

"I was surprised to find myself writing again I really didn't think I would."

The Camerons were told recently the hearing for the attack won't be heard in court until August, 2018.

"That's when I decided it was time to get on with my life and do what I love doing."
Over the past few weeks she has written her pantomime based "very loosely" on Camelot, Arthur, Guinevere, the knights of the round table and that lot, she laughed.

At a meeting of the Phoenix players last week Phyl agreed to direct the American "ghostly" children's play Sleepy Hollow.

Auditions will be held next week and the production is scheduled for September.
And her pantomime will be produced for early December.


Don Cameron said earlier that people had been especially upset that his wife was attacked, as she had been incredibly active in working for the community, including its youth.

Police have arrested and charged three people in connection with the incident.

"But August next year is long time away and life must go on."