A Fordlands community group says its members will look after Domino's delivery staff if they decide to reinstate pizza deliveries to the suburb.

Domino's Koutu on Lake Rd hasn't delivered to Fordlands since the start of the month after one of its vehicles was stolen.

The company said yesterday it was a temporary measure and it was working with police.

A spokeswoman from Domino's would not confirm today when or if the company would start delivering pizza again to Fordlands.


Fordlands has been the scene of heightened gang activity in recently months, with other areas of Rotorua. The latest incident was a group of gang-related people fighting on Bellingham Cres this month.

Fordlands youth co-ordinator and events manager Tia Clarke said the Fordlands Community Centre had worked hard for the past five years to bring the community together.

"We are sorry that this incident happened for our Domino's whanau as many of our community whanau are serviced by Domino's and other delivery services. This incident has put our community at risk again of being labelled and we want to reassure them that we will be vigilant when they are in our area."

Ms Clarke said one act of stupidity should not cause the whole community to be "ostracised and outcast".

"We would like to apologise to Domino's and reassure them of our support. We look forward to a mutual meeting with their staff and working positively together for the future."

Hone Morris says he's pleased Domino's is thinking of giving Fordlands a second chance.
Hone Morris says he's pleased Domino's is thinking of giving Fordlands a second chance.

Fordlands resident and youth advocate Hone Morris said that when he saw the Rotorua Daily Post story about Domino's pulling out of Fordlands, he decided to ring the store himself.

Mr Morris said a worker told him they would be up and running again in Fordlands in the future.

"From a security point of view I certainly understand where they were coming from."


Mr Morris said he was pleased the company was thinking of giving Fordlands a second chance.

"I know the person who stole the car and I will be going to speak to them myself to ask them why they did that."

Mr Morris said it was unfortunate that person's actions had affected the community.

Rotorua police crime prevention manager Inspector Stuart Nightingale said police would not recommend any businesses blacklist an area because that would instil fear into the community.

"This is not a Third World country, this is Fordlands and the rule of law prevails. I've rung Domino's and told them I'd be more than happy to talk them through some security practices to ensure their staff members felt safe but as always, if anyone has any concerns, all they need to do pick up the phone and give us a call."