The court victim adviser assigned to Christie Marceau while her attacker was before the North Shore District Court on kidnapping, threatening and assault charges says she was "deeply affected" by the teenager's death.

And she has revealed what Christie's mother said to her when she called to advise Akshay Chand had been released.

Andrea Swager was assigned as Christie's victim adviser in September 2011 after Chand was charged with the attack on the 18-year-old.

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Swager gave evidence today at a Coroner's inquest into the death of Christie.

Chand, after being granted bail in the District Court, stabbed Christie to death at her family home in November 2011.

Akshay Chand stabbed Christie Marceau to death at her Auckland family home in November 2011 after being granted bail in the District Court. Photo / Paul Estcourt
Akshay Chand stabbed Christie Marceau to death at her Auckland family home in November 2011 after being granted bail in the District Court. Photo / Paul Estcourt

Swager explained that her role was to keep the victim informed about the court process and assist them with anything they needed in relation to the case.

She initially made contact with Christie and then dealt with her mother Tracey, as per the teenager's wishes.

Swager told the inquest that she personally called Tracey Marceau on October 5 2011 to notifiy her that Chand had been bailed.

"She was hugely disappointed and said that she knew what address he would have been bailed to and it is visible from their house," she said.

"She was very upset and concerned about their safety and I was affected enough by her reaction to quote her words in my case notes.

"She said 'Christie's life is over now'."

Swager said she told Tracey Marceau that Judge David McNaughton had imposed a 24-hour curfew on Chand and other bail conditions.

She told the distraught mother that she needed to speak to police if she or Christie had any further problems with Chand.

Tracey Marceau earlier told the inquest that she'd been informed by Swager that the bail decision could not be appealed or changed.

Swager refuted that saying her case notes "do not reflect that we discussed the appeal process at all".

"And I would usually make a note of any discussion with a victim about appeal rights," she said.

"It is possible whether Tracey asked me whether we could change the judge's mind that day and I would have told her it was not possible.

"But I do not recall discussing the option of an appeal with Tracey.

"I do not believe I would have advised her that an appeal could not be pursued because I know this is not the case."

Swager said that on November 7 2011 a police prosecutor at the court informed her "that Christie had been killed".

"He asked me not to make contact with the family," she said.

She advised her team leader and while she continued to "note" Chand's court appearances in relation to the initial charges - and the now-laid murder charge - until his case was transferred to the High Court at Auckland.

At that point a "separate case was created" in the higher jurisdiction, and a new victim adviser was appointed.

Swager was the fifth witness to give evidence today following Detective Sergeant James Watson who led the investigation into Christie's murder, her parents Tracey and Brian Marceau and Carl Lewen who was the court services manager at the North Shore District Court at the time.

The inquest, before Coroner Katharine Greig continues and is set down for 11 days.