Herald reporter Heath Moore is spending five weeks in a Maui campervan following the Lions fans.

British musician 'Elton John' has been spotted in Auckland's Danny Doolans sinking the red wines with the British & Irish Lions fans.

Well, not the actual Elton John but an uncanny lookalike.

Edinburgh local Howard McKenzie has caused traffic jams and congestion on the footpaths as he struts along the streets of Auckland as Kiwis stop to take a second look.


The Lions fan, who is going to every game, said he never meant to impersonate the iconic musician but admitted he doesn't mind the attention.

"I've been mistaken for Elton since the 70s," the kilt-wearing Scotsman laughed.

"It's quite funny to see people watch and then turn and then almost bump into a lamp post. 'Are you really Elton John?' they ask.

"I've had heaps of people stop me especially when my hair gets wet and goes down. And when these glasses go black I really get the full Elton John look."

Howard McKenzie poses next to Elton John. Photo / Supplied
Howard McKenzie poses next to Elton John. Photo / Supplied

Having had the nickname Elton stick for decades, the Scot said he once tried to use his false fame to his advantage.

"I tried to get into a nightclub in London. I put my glasses on and walked over with a bit of swagger but the guy said, 'Mate, you're not getting in.' I asked 'why is that?'. He said 'We threw Elton out of this pub about two years ago!'

"I don't mind the comments from strangers. It's good fun and quite humorous. I have a good laugh with it."

• Heath Moore travelled in a campervan provided by Maui, who had no control over editorial coverage.