People are needed to keep an eye on a nasty weed which strangles host plants and collapses canopies.

The invasive vine Climbing Spindle Berry was spotted in the Rodney region and Auckland
Council biosecurity want locals to keep their eyes peeled.

It has so far been found at two sites in Matakana. The stems strangle host plants and can also form dense, impenetrable thickets. It can grow to 12m and climb to the top of most canopies, causing them to collapse.

Environment and community committee chairwoman Penny Hulse was keen to see the weed be kept under control before it became widespread.


Climbing Spindle Berry is a total control pest plant, which meant council will control the weed at their cost, on public or private land.

Biosecurity team manager Phil Brown said it was important people did not try to control it themselves "as it may spread it further".

"Luckily, it is quite a distinctive looking vine, unlike other species in Auckland, which helps to identify it."

Climbing Spindle Berry is deciduous with yellow-orange berries. The leaves are serrated and spaced alternatively on the vine, they will be turning yellow and dropping at this time of year, making it easier to spot.

The plant grows 5-10cm long and tapers to a point.

Report suspected sightings to Auckland Council biosecurity on 09 301 0101 or with details and a photo if possible.