A disputed fence in an over-60s retirement village is to be moved.

Sanctuary Villas resident Patsy Clegg had the fence built six years ago to provide her corner unit with privacy but neighbours Kathleen and Glyn Hardy claimed the fence was illegal and dangerous.

It borders an access road used by residents and the Hardys said it intruded onto common property and limited the visibility of vehicles rounding the corner.

The six-year battle had led to accusation and counter accusation, and the involvement of a lawyer and a traffic engineer.


Last month, the Hardys said moving to Sanctuary Villas, after the February 22, 2011, earthquake destroyed their home, was the "biggest mistake of our lives."

They said Mrs Clegg's trellis and wooden fence was illegal and dangerous.

The body corporate committee which oversees Sanctuary Villas affairs on behalf of the residents sought legal advice, which said the fence breached the Unit Titles Act and recommended it be removed.

The fence borders a private access road used by residents including Mr and Mrs Hardy.

The Hardys claimed the fence extends from Mrs Clegg's property onto land owned by all of the residents, restricting visibility and making it dangerous for road users, including ambulances.

But the Hardys said the body corporate committee told them there wasn't enough support among residents to call for the fence to be removed.

That was in 2015, and the Hardys had gone to National's list MP for Christchurch East Jo Hayes for help.

Mrs Clegg told The Star last month she had tried to work with the Hardys to come up with a solution, including shifting and making changes to the fence last year.


She said her life had been "made a misery" over the conflict and said the "Hardys could do what they liked."

Mrs Clegg has now agreed to move the fence back from the road at her own expense, after being asked by the Sanctuary Villas body corporate committee, which oversees the affairs of residents.

A plan for the alteration was drawn up and the Hardys have now agreed to it.

The fence is to be shifted in June.