A man who beat a puppy in public, including throwing it against a car and punching the animal in the stomach 10 times, has been banned from owning an animal for four years.

Ezekiel James Charles Wilson was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court today on two charges of ill-treating an animal and failure to provide medical treatment.

The attack on June 16 last year, seen by members of the public in a mall car park in Hamilton, broke three of the 4-month-old puppy's ribs.

The court heard Wilson was a methamphetamine addict when the violence took place but Judge Kim Saunders said it did not justify the appalling conduct.


The 9am incident was reported to police and later that day Wilson was spotted again beating the puppy, Floyd, at his home.

This time Wilson was seen holding the dog by his left hind leg and dragging him into the house.

Police were called again and found a cowering and distressed dog with a lame hind leg and with a head bowed in fear.

It was later discovered Floyd had a fractured leg stemming from a three-week-old injury. The leg later had to be amputated.

SPCA animal welfare inspector Jason Blair after the sentencing of Ezekiel Wilson for the brutal beating of a puppy. Photo / Natalie Akoorie
SPCA animal welfare inspector Jason Blair after the sentencing of Ezekiel Wilson for the brutal beating of a puppy. Photo / Natalie Akoorie

Wilson, 29 at the time and a father of two, said he thought the bulldog cross puppy had either stood on something or had been accidentally stood on.

His explanation for beating the puppy on both occasions was that it had defecated in the car or house.

Saunders said Wilson's ill-treatment of the puppy was repetitive, and he should have known by the swelling of the leg and the distress of the puppy that he was carrying an injury and in considerable pain.

"Your conduct was cruel, it was callous and it was indifferent to the pain and distress you caused your puppy, Saunders said.

"It can only be described as particularly vicious."

She said such blunt force trauma on a living creature over a prolonged period was "completely and utterly unjustified".

In sentencing Wilson, who stood with his head down in the dock, Saunders discounted the sentence for an early guilty plea.

However that was cancelled out by Wilson's previous violence convictions, including assault on a police officer in 2012.

She also took into account Wilson's remorse now he had recovered from his drug addiction.

He was convicted on all three charges and ordered to complete four months' community detention and 200 hours of community work.

Wilson was disqualified from holding an animal for four years and ordered to pay $566 reparation in vet fees, and $600 in legal fees.

Outside the court SPCA animal welfare inspector Jason Blair said he was pleased with the outcome.

He said Floyd had been rehomed with a loving family, with another dog for comfort.

However Blair said Floyd's injured hind leg could not be saved and the leg had had to be amputated.