A trial date has been set for the police officers charged with allegedly locking a teenage boy in a cell in an attempt to end an under-age love affair.

Hurimoana Dennis, a former inspector, and Vaughan Perry, will go on trial at the Auckland High Court in November.

Dennis faces two counts of kidnapping and Perry faces one.

The men were arrested following an alleged incident at Auckland Airport in 2015 and stood down in September that year while it was investigated.


It's alleged following "mock arrest" of a 17-year-old designed to end his relationship with the 15-year-old girl whom his family disapproved of, the teenager agreed to move to Australia.

Last year, Queen's Counsel Steve Bonnar said the charge against Dennis would be vigorously defended.

"My client has acted honourably at all times," Bonnar said at the time.

The trial date for November 6 was set an appearance at the High Court this morning. A month has been allocated.