Two crashes near one of Auckland's worst traffic spots have been causing delays for southbound commuters.

At least five, possibly six cars were thought to be involved in a nose-to-tail on the Southern Motorway near Takanini just before 7pm, a police spokeswoman said.

The crash occurred in the right-hand southbound lane of the Southern Motorway, approximately 1km north of the Takanini offramp.

St John Ambulance was called to the accident but no one was seriously injured and people were out of their cars. Police are now on the scene and two lanes are open, she said.


The spot near Hill Rd is notorious for backing up in peak hours as five lanes from the Southern and South-Western motorways merge into just two lanes.

The crash is the second in the area in the past few hours. Around 4pm a crash blocked the left-hand land heading south just after the Takanini off-ramp, according to the NZTA.

The crashes are also causing delays on residential roads in the area.

Commuters in other parts of the city have also been dealing with delays this evening, with a motorcycle crash blocking the left-hand lane heading east on Hibiscus Coast Highway, according to the NZTA.