Cashmere is no stranger to illegal dumping and residents are getting frustrated.

From couches, televisions and mattresses to children's clothes, rubbish is often left along Cashmere streets, particularly Cashmere and Henderson Rds.

Lower Cashmere Residents' Association chairwoman Sue Bye said she can't stand the sight of rubbish littering the roads and the neighbourhood.

"I think it's revolting and terrible."


Mrs Bye said because the streets were isolated, it would be hard for city council to monitor the dumping. She said all residents could do was to inform city council when they saw the mess.

City council city streets maintenance manager Mark Pinner said they received about five to six complaints about rubbish dumping each year in the Cashmere and Henderson Rds area.

Mr Pinner said the cost to clean up the waste each time varied on the size and what the contents were.

"It is a cost to city council, and ultimately the ratepayer."

He said he encouraged the public to notify city council if they see anyone dumping rubbish.

Residents can phone city council's call centre on 941 8999.