No charges have been laid after a central city attack that left a woman in an induced coma with a crushed windpipe.

On February 25, Amelia Rayner, 29, was punched in the throat when her and her boyfriend were leaving the Electric Avenue festival at Hagley Park about 11pm.

While in hospital she had an operation to have a metal plate inserted into her throat to help her breathe.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Worner told The Star police have not laid any charges yet in relation to the attack, but would not say why.


"I cannot go into specifics of that case," he said.

Police have interviewed a man believed to have caused her injury.

Ms Rayner's father Gary Rayner said he would not comment on the outcome.

He said he has engaged a lawyer.

"It wasn't going anywhere so we have got a lawyer to follow up just what is happening," he said.

Mr Rayner said Amelia was recovering well and was soon thinking about returning to work.

He said her voice is coming back but she is still "a bit jumpy".

"The physical stuff is the easy part, the mental part is difficult to move past," he said.

It is alleged Ms Rayner and her boyfriend were leaving the festival when they got into an altercation with four men.

The men allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, and when she stepped in to help, was punched in the throat crushing her trachea.