A half-million dollar sports car ended upside down in a ditch in Auckland after the driver hit a median barrier and flipped off the road on a motorway on-ramp.

The black McLaren was heard "screaming" on to the Northwestern Motorway before crashing about 1pm on Saturday.

The car went off the road and into a barrier approximately 150m from the Point Chevalier on-ramp on the city-bound side of the motorway, police said.

One person has been taken to hospital with moderate injuries.


There were some minor delays as the road was down to two lanes but traffic was moving and the road should be cleared shortly, police said.

Local resident Jason Jones heard the accident unfold.

"I was mowing the lawns, all I could hear was Formula One. It just ripped from beneath the bridge straight round," Jones told the Herald.

He heard the car "screaming" along, followed by "this big bang".

"You could hear the car it was just roaring. Man, I don't know how fast that car was going, but man it was going fast."

After hearing the crash, Jones went out to take a look.

At first he couldn't see anything, but then he spotted police at the median barrier by the on-ramp, which led him to the car, which had flipped.

He said it was obviously a black McLaren super car. They sell for about half a million dollars.


"The car's totalled. It's in a ditch and it's upside down. It was unreal."

One man was taken straight to a waiting ambulance and a second man later hopped in, Jones said.

He was unsure which man was the driver.

"They're lucky to walk out of that."

Jones and another local joked the totalled car was a "million-dollar view in Point Chev".

In December last year a McLaren F1 car worth an estimated $20 million crashed near Queenstown after appearing to spin off the road and into a ditch.

The driver, a 65-year-old Australian man, was understood to have sustained minor injuries. He was taken to Queenstown Medical Centre for treatment for a broken or sprained thumb.

The crashed McLaren F1 on the Glenorchy-Queenstown road in December 2016. Photo / Otago Daily Times
The crashed McLaren F1 on the Glenorchy-Queenstown road in December 2016. Photo / Otago Daily Times