Fine weather with the odd shower is in store for the country this weekend with a sub-tropical low off the East Coast expected to bring a large swell early next week.

MetService forecaster Cameron Coutts said the subtropical low was expected to pass well to the east of New Zealand but would bring wind, a few showers and a large swell to the East Coast from Monday.

The storm was expected to pass east of Auckland on Monday, bringing moderate swells to Auckland and Northland until Tuesday.

The swell in Gisborne and Hawke's Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday was predicted to be 3-4m.


Coutts said it was nothing unusual and would be great for surfers.

A high over the country was mainly in control with fine weather and a few showers predicted throughout the weekend and through to Anzac Day, he said.

Most parts of the country looked likely to have fine weather for Tuesday's dawn services although there was a slight chance of showers in Wellington and Hawke's Bay.

Cooler temperatures were also expected on Monday and Tuesday towards the bottom of the North Island and into the South Island, he said.

Fine today with the odd chance of a shower tomorrow. Showers expected on Monday with Tuesday predicted to be fine. The high will remain about 20C.

Bay of Plenty
Fine today and tomorrow with the chance of fog tomorrow morning. Monday and Tuesday sheltered and fine with a high of 20C.

Hawke's Bay
Fine and sunny today with the chance of fog tomorrow morning. Showers expected on Monday, clearing Tuesday. High was predicted to be 16C, rising to 18C tomorrow. A southerly change on Monday will bring cooler temperatures.

Mostly fine today. A bit cloudy tomorrow with the odd shower on Monday, clearing Tuesday although there may be a shower early on Tuesday morning. High expected to be between 15C and 16C.


Sunshine today and tomorrow. A southerly change on Monday will bring the odd shower with Tuesday expected to be fine. Highs of 16C and 18C for the weekend will drop to about 14C on Monday and Tuesday.

Sunny today with a few spots of rain tomorrow night and into Monday otherwise fine through to Tuesday. High expected to be about 19C dropping to 13C on Monday.