A man accused of being involved in an immigration job-selling scam has had a decision against him overturned.

The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal last September found Daljit Singh to have received payment offshore to hide the scam.

Tribunal chairman Grant Pearson granted a rehearing after Singh produced new evidence.

In a new decision, Pearson said the factual findings in the previous decision would be overturned to the extent that the tribunal now accepted Singh neither received nor solicited any fees.


The tribunal was also now satisfied that Singh neither solicited nor received any fees whatsoever in relation to his professional engagement.

Singh had previously been convicted of electoral fraud for registering ineligible voters in Auckland's first Super City elections.

The complaints against Singh, which were unrelated to the electoral fraud, were initially upheld because he did not provide his client with invoices, updates and other written documentation.

The tribunal said that it had seen multiple cases of dishonest practices in which money changed hands in a migrant's home country, which made this complaint plausible.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment prosecutor Shona Carr accepted that based on new banking records produced by Singh, there was no direct evidence he had received any payments.