The New Zealand Police have received a hilarious message to their Facebook page presumably sent by mistake.

The private message reads "Oi bro when are we gonna get blazed with all your weed?"
An automatic response was prompted alerting the sender to the error.

They then messaged again saying 'Whoops wrong person'.

The drug user sent police a hilarious message.
The drug user sent police a hilarious message.

Police officials saw the lighter side of the mix-up and posted the amusing conversation to get out an important safety message.


A screenshot of the interaction was posted to the New Zealand Police Facebook page on Good Friday urging people to be safe over the Easter weekend.

The post included the hashtag, "when you accidentally message NZ Police", and reminded everyone to watch their speed over the long weekend but not to watch their social media while driving.

Whether the post was sent as a joke is yet to be uncovered but social media users found the post entertaining with more than 1,500 likes since it went live.

A police spokeswoman told Fairfax "It's just an opportunity to get a good message out there."