The old Easter Egg hunt turned into a much more exciting affair for three West Auckland siblings, when they spotted the Easter Bunny in the sky yesterday.

Caila, 10, Shanae, 9, and Ashlynn Curtis, 5, were looking for their prized chocolate Easter eggs at their Glen Eden home when they spotted something peculiar in the sky.

"We were just out on the deck looking for their eggs and they looked up and saw him,'' mum Haidee Noffke said.

"They thought it looked like the Easter Bunny. It was very exciting for them.''


The family took a few photos of the cloud formation, which shows a rabbit-like figure, his long ears seemingly pulled back in the wind and stretched out as if running away from the sun behind him.

They later searched on Google to see if there were any similar photos of the Easter Bunny in the clouds taken by other people around the world.

"We found a few but no, ours was definitely a good one.''