Whanganui has been rocking and rolling this weekend with a series of quakes recorded in the region.

The most recent was at 8am Sunday and weighed in at a magnitude of 3.1 and 31km deep. It was centred 25km off Whanganui.

On Saturday shortly after 9.30pm a 3.7 magnitude jolt rattled the city briefly, this time at a depth of 30km, and also centred 25km off Whanganui.

Whanganui people took to social media to describe what they had felt. "That was *the* weirdest earthquake i've ever felt/heard... *THUD* like someone had fallen over," wrote Mark Pointon on the Chronicle's Facebook page.


Maree Keelty said she heard it more than felt it. "Both dogs and cat looked up (then went back to sleep)."

Also on Saturday at 7.59am another light earthquake was recorded, this time 25km south-west of Whanganui and was 19km deep.

A smaller 2.8 quake struck just before midnight on Friday.