A warrant for arrest has been issued for the woman who hurled racial abuse at a group of Muslim women in Huntly.

Megan Sarah Louise Walton, 27, was due to be sentenced in the Hamilton District Court this morning on two charges of assault and one charge of behaving in an insulting manner but she failed to show.

The charges came to light after one of the victims, Mehpara Khan, recorded the attack and posted it on Facebook.

Walton, from Auckland, assaulted and insulted Khan, 28, who had stopped for a toilet break with friends in Huntly on Saturday February 11 on their way back to Auckland.


Walton came out of the toilet intoxicated with two cans of alcohol which she threw at Khan but missed her.

She threw a punch at Khan which she blocked and Khan's friend blocked the second attempted punch.

Walton told police she was too intoxicated at the time to remember the incident.

She pleaded guilty to the charges and apologised to her victims outside court at her last appearance.

Judge Robert Spear issued the warrant for arrest for all three matters.