Police have confiscated drugs and arrested three people after raids in Wanaka on Tuesday.

Two houses were searched, with 200 units of LSD and six grams of cannabis resin found at one property.

Two men, aged 30 and 33, were arrested at that house.

They'll appear in Queenstown District Court on April 19 on charges of possession for supply of a Class A drug.


A third man has been charged with possession of the cannabis resin.

A small amount of cannabis and 100 cannabis seeds were found at the second location, but no people.

Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said the raids were sparked by the arrest of a 22-year-old male English tourist on Sunday night, on allegations he was selling LSD and Ecstasy at a Queenstown bar.

Inglis said Otago Lakes-Central Police would continue to target people in their communities who sold drugs and created community harm.