Christchurch police are frustrated that people are making life easy for thieves and burglars by leaving cars unlocked and garage door openers inside.

There have been at least six thefts in Lincoln over recent weekends, including several on Caulfield Cres, where dirt bikes, diving gear, tools, cash and cards were taken.

The burglars had entered people's garages using remotes stolen from unlocked vehicles.

These followed a spate of at least 15 thefts from cars in Rolleston over the weekend of March 4-5. Cash, cards, tools and other items were taken from the vehicles, which were left unlocked in their owners' driveways.


The cars were parked on Oaktree Lane, Manor Drive, Hulme Lane, Ellington Mews, Heritage Close and Delamare Way.

Sergeant Alex Pickover said people needed to be more security conscious and it was disappointing that people were making it so easy for offenders to enter their vehicles and garages.

"There are just simple things that people need to do to reduce the potential of them being victims," he said.

"Locking cars up at night, not leaving valuables in clear sight and not leaving garage door openers in the car - it's common sense."