One daredevil dam rider doesn't give a damn about safety and has been snapped enjoying the floodwaters.

A video of a man climbing down the wall of the Lower Nihotupu Dam and setting off on a tyre tube down the fast flowing waters has been posted to Facebook.

West Auckland Updates posted it on Sunday evening with the caption "this is not safe!".



The man, dressed in a black helmet, orange shirt and blue shorts, uses a rope to lower himself down the steep concrete side.

When he reaches the water he takes the tube from around his shoulders and throws himself on top of it before he's quickly carried away by the torrent of water.

This video has been viewed more than 30,000 times.

The antics have left many wondering if he survived.

Posted Julie Machen on Facebook: "Please Somebody Let us Worrying Mothers out west know if he is OK!! I'm seriously worried."

But a man who claimed he was at the dam said the tyre-tuber had not only survived but repeated the wild ride over and over.

"He's sweet did 3 plus times," posted Andrew Walker.

Another bystander, Darryl Brown, posted on Facebook he was also at the dam and saw the man take the daring plunge.

"I was there, it was awesome. Didn't have time to have a go though."