There was a lot of speculation as to why Bill English decided to go to the polls early, on September the 23rd, rather than giving himself a bit more time to solidify his hold on the job following the shock departure of John Key.

English could have waited another couple of months before he was forced by law to go to the country.

The most popular thinking was that he wanted to be well clear of Christmas to give the victor time to get the pesky coalition talks out of the way.

But the real reason is that there were MPs champing at the bit, wanting to high tail it out of the place as soon as they were able.

The date announced by Bill English last month was no coincidence and will have come as no surprise to the man who so desperately wants his job, Andrew Little.

Even though they're unlikely to admit it, the date was part of a deal stitched up between the pair of them.

The Government's majority is precarious to say the least, they can't afford one of their constituent MPs to quit and run, even though after March the 23rd, within six months of the election they could do that without causing a by election.

There are two MPs who've got athlete's foot, who want to scarper to greener pastures.

One is the man who fought to become Prime Minister at the last election, Labour's David Cunliffe and the other is Maurice Williamson who celebrated his 30th year in Parliament by being gifted a diplomatic junket to Los Angeles and who could blame him for wanting to get into that taxpayer funded mansion and on to that cocktail circuit as soon as he can?

Cunliffe's early departure and that of Williamson will keep the bums on the Parliamentary seats at the same margins, essential for a Government trying to legislate in the lead up to Parliament rising for the election on August the 19th.

But there was another MP who wasn't happy that Maurice was going to be able to pop the Pinot before he was going to be able to put his feet up and savour the aroma on the 19th.

Williamson's been excitedly cleaning out his office, preparing for the big move within weeks but has now begun repacking, having been shoved back in the departure queue by none other than John Key who can't get out of the place soon enough!