An Auckland man who was subjected to a racist road-rage tirade in the middle of a busy street filmed and streamed the abuse live on Facebook.

Navninder Vir Singh claims hostilities between the two erupted when the man behind him started tailgating him until he pulled over on an Auckland street, Daily Mail reported.

The unknown man wearing a grey T-shirt started swearing at him and mocking his Indian accent - as well as telling him to "go back to your own country".

Singh had pulled over to let the vehicle pass, but the car stopped and the man and his female friend approached his window and began swearing and harassing him.


The man can be heard saying: "I never f****** done anything to you, you f****** p****, go back to your own country you c***.'

When Singh told the man he was being filmed live on Facebook he did not stop hurling the racist abuse.

"You know you Punjabi c*****, youse [sic] are all f****ts,' he told Singh.

Singh spoke to the camera and said: "I gave him space but that lady showed me the finger and now he's trying to threaten me."

Singh then turned the camera back onto himself and told his viewers: "This is what is happening in Auckland right now, these are the racist people here."

He added: "This is the way they treat us."

Navninder Vir Singh posted the rant live to Facebook. Photo / via Facebook
Navninder Vir Singh posted the rant live to Facebook. Photo / via Facebook

The man was pulled away by his female friend who appeared to want to control the situation before he approached Singh's window again.

"You sound like a f******* nagging wife, mate," he said.


As Singh drove away, additional footage shows the man pull his pants down to show his bare buttocks.

Daily Mail spoke to New Zealand Police who said: "A complaint has been made in relation to this matter and enquiries are ongoing."