A chemical spill at Farmlands Whakatu on Ruahapia Rd caused the area to be evacuated this afternoon.

The Fire Service were called at about 12:50pm and four appliances and two tankers attended.

Senior station officer Dennis O'Leary said five 20L containers were found leaking peracetic acid, which is corrosive in its concentrated form.

"The total amount of liquid that actually leaked was about 20L but we managed to contain the spill with nobody injured."


Fire crews were wearing level three splash suits so they were protected from the fumes and the chemical touching their skin.

"The leaking containers were sealed in to a large drum and are now ready for disposal. We evacuated the area as a precaution and checked around the neighbours."

One staff member who found the leaking containers was checked out by ambulance staff but was cleared without any injuries.

Fire crews left the site at about 2:45pm and everything was back to normal at the Farmlands Whakatu.