readers have expressed their views on the changes to NZ Super announced by Prime Minister Bill English.

English revealed this afternoon that the eligibility age for superannuation will rise to 67 by 2040.

Felicity Te Whata asked "How is this an equitable policy?".


"Maori life expectancy is on average 8-ish years younger than their European counterparts, even when taking socio-economic status into account. I feel this is institutional racism as usual hidden in plain view and measured only against the majority who ware European."

Kim Stewart, who was born in 1972, said her generation is "yet again getting penalised".

"Now on top of student loan, no free education for our children, forced super savings, no housing assistance and barely surviving when earning a healthy wage because of the cost of living, my generation is yet again getting penalised while the generation before sit back and reap the benefits."

Inna said she was going to be "very affected".

"I was born in 1973, so it looks I will need to work much longer than expected. Not agree at all."

Paul Avent, 45, said the announcement was made "just in time to screw me over".

Anthony Spalinger said English had "just lost the forthcoming election" with the announcement.

"He acts as an accountant. No social ramifications discussed."


Matthew said there "seems to be a common theme that us millenials seem to get screwed over time after time in today's economy".

"This is just another example of baby boomers robbing their children of the opportunities and entitlements that they enjoyed."

Andrew Black, 66, was all for the change.

"I am 66 and still working until [I'm] 75 but it depends on my health."